Blistering is a common problem for long-distance hiking and this nuisance can literally stop you at any point of your walking and totally ruin your outdoor experience. Blistering occurs when friction causes irritation on your wet skin which then creates fluid-filled pockets beneath the surface. Prevention is far easier than finding a cure when it comes to blisters.



There are a few of ways to prevent the annoying, painful blister from happening. Here in short, we think a pair of well fit socks should be the most relevant and efficient solution. Not only do the good socks provide extra cushioning and dry comfort, but they also should help reduce frictions between the sock surface and your skin.


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First, high quality outdoor socks are mostly made of merino wool or synthetic yarns.  These performance yarns can wick away moisture from sweat so it doesn’t cause chafing between layers of fabric against your skin.



Good hiking socks should also fit snugly without wrinkling to minimize friction. The loose or slippery socks are bound to cause problems for you when you walk for long distances because they will rub and cause blisters on your feet. When choosing socks to use for long haul walking, make sure they are thick and absorbent.



Wearing lightweight liner socks under your regular hiking socks is a good way to create a double-layer system for those who are extra susceptible to blisters. Liner socks can provide an extra layer of protection between your thick socks and your skin and they also move away moisture which can increase friction.

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DexShell got so many enquiries in the years past asking if they could wear liner socks inside the DexShell waterproof socks. The answer was always Yes. We understood the DexShell waterproof socks are constructed with composite fabric thus some models in particular those mid calf length waterproof socks do not fit as close as desired. To optimize the user experience in using DexShell waterproof socks, we have developed our liner socks by our engineered DEXDRI™ performance yarns. These single layer lightweight socks are designed to be the best mate of the DexShell mid calf waterproof socks, and they are also great to wear on their own.

Investing in a quality pair of liner socks by DexShell would not only optimize your using experience in DexShell waterproof socks, but also obtain a few of wearing options like three-layer dressing of outdoor clothing.