There’s nothing worse than having wet and cold fingers. Keeping hands warm and dry is essential for the outdoor days. For outdoor sports enthusiasts, waterproof gloves protect you from frostbite and wetness from the elements. 

However, a wide variety of glove styles, designs, material constructions, and performance levels are developed in the market, and there are tons of reviews and recommendations for the ‘best’ waterproof gloves. Given each technology having its pros and cons, it can be tricky to locate among the different manufacturers and versions. 

Here at DexShell, we kept balancing the glove performance and comfortability, enhancing warmth without adding cumbersome, maximizing dexterity and tactility, and optimizing styles and durability. Our DexFuze® waterproof glove technology therefore was developed and born in 2018.

DexFuze technology
DEXFUZE® Laminated Fabric illustration


What is the uniqueness of DexFuze® waterproof glove construction?

· Ergonomic outer shell to suit and fit to most of people’s hands like a pair of conventional gloves;

· Dislike almost all the waterproof outdoor gloves that are made by cut and sew craftsmanship, DexFuze® glove is constructed with a ‘seamless knit liner’ which provides the utmost comfort inner feeling;

· The fundamental differentiation is that the glove outer and inner are completely, 100%, laminated by our dotting process with the waterproof membrane sandwiched in between, thus creating a ‘perfect’ single layer composite fabric glove.



What are the benefits of the DexFuze® waterproof gloves?

· Totally eliminate the ‘slippage’ hassle – movement between the layers – of those conventional waterproof gloves, thus providing a much secure control;

· Lightweight dry and warm performance without cumbersome and bulky issue;

· Superior dexterity and flexibility giving outstanding grip in wet.



DEXFUZE waterproof StretchFit gloves
DEXFUZE® Single Layer Composite Fabric Waterproof Gloves


Is there any counterpart in the marketplace? 

We did spot a couple of gloves in the marketplace who claim that are in the similar construction but we found they are in an awkward workmanship when turned the gloves inside out. Those crafts surely would affect the wearers’ feeling of comfortability. We made the comparison pictures below to demonstrate how premium the DexFuze® technology is.

Sealskinz fusion control glove
Comparison Inside Out Another Style Inside Out


Consistent technological and product innovations are behind the success of DexShell’s waterproof yet breathable accessories. This desire and passion for innovation has driven the brand’s product development and manufacturing capabilities since its inception, and will continue to be the DexShell ethos.